Money Knowledge Games and Lessons for Kids

Your kids may not have a lot of their own money or a full-time job yet, but it’s important they learn about the basics of how money works. Not only does understanding money help them learn about buying and selling things, but it also helps kids improve their math skills! As a kid, counting money, learning the different denominations, and adding and subtracting costs, are great ways to begin to learn how the world operates. As they get older, they’ll need to know more and more about saving, spending, budgeting, debt, taxes, and other things that will affect their everyday life.

Thankfully, learning about money math and budgeting doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these games, worksheets, and other activities that can help kids learn more about how money works:

  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter: Kids can count and add coins to take Peter Pig shopping.
  • Fruit Splat Coins: Kids can add up the coins to determine the correct fruits to splat.
  • Giving Vicki Credit: Read Vicki’s story to learn how to be a good borrower.
  • Coin Search: This game is kind of like a word search with coins. Find the groups of coins that add up to the amounts in the bank.
  • Counting Money: Earn fish to fill up a fishbowl by putting the correct coins and bills into the box.
  • Lemonade Stand: The game lets kids run a virtual lemonade stand! This is a great way to learn about costs, sales, and decision making.
  • Bus Money: Keep track of who gets off the bus and make sure passengers are paying the correct amount of money for their ride.
  • Coconut Ordering: Count the coconuts from smallest to largest.
  • Coin Cruncher: Another great game to help kids learn how to count coins!
  • Counting With Coins: Identify coins and use them to go shopping to earn seven badges.
  • Change-Maker: Figure out how much change you should get back after you pay for something.
  • How Much? Count the money shown to figure out how much you have.
  • Dolphin Feed: Grab the right coins before the other dolphins do!
  • Equivalent Amounts of 
  • Money: Count different groups of coins and determine what groups add up to the same amount.
  • Change Change: Help your kids practice using different combinations of coins for the same value.
  • Mathpup Truck Money: Drive to the cabin by filling the truck with the right amount of coins.
  • World of Cents: Earn money by matching coins and use it to build a virtual world!
  • Escape From Barter Island: Kids can play this game to learn about bartering and trading!
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